CoVid-19 Restrictions

As CoVid-19 has affected us all, we have been trying our best to work together to be safe in order to keep our robotics season. At the beginning of the season we started out purely online with no physical practices which was difficult for all of our sub-teams but we still managed to improve our skills in all areas to prepare for the season. As CoVid-19 numbers went down, we were finally able to meet in person again with masks and social distancing. In attempt to keep each other safe and prevent the spread of the virus, we stay within our sub-teams to ensure that we are in contact with as few people as possible. Our season looks much different as we don't have our normal competition set up. This year we are competing in small skills challenges as our build team builds a bean bag tossing robot. Our business team has kept busy working on the NMRC JV Chairman's Award. Although we won't be having a normal season, we are hoping to host another Infinite Recharge competition in April as long as case numbers stay down.