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Off Season


The business team is making thank you letters to the people who sponsored us throughout the season. The build team is setting up the new router that was donated.  Also everyone is doing some spring cleaning.

Week 6


This is the final week of robotics. Everyone is trying to finish up all the last minute pieces on the robot. The junk bot is also going to get done this week. The cookie dough has arrived today and will be delivered by the members.

Week 5


Programming is working on vision tracking and pneumatics this week. Build team this week is working on side panels for the ramps. The Bemidji Robotics team would like to thank all of our sponsors for providing the opportunity to have a great and productive season.

Week Four


The Build and Programming team are planning to finish the ramp prototype.  They will also be starting to work on the hatch. The business team are continuing on the battery fundraiser.


Because of the polar vortex, we missed both Tuesday and Thursdays build session. We will be having a make-up day tomorrow from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. 


The build team is working on a ramp deployment prototype. The business team is starting a battery fundraiser, they are also finishing up on the final field elements. Lastly the programming team is working on how to implement a PID control.


Business team has started a battery fundraiser, and the build team has made a crate to hold the batteries. The programming and build team have been making a bunch of prototypes for the robot, such as a ramp.

Week Three

Week Two


This weeks plans are to finish the field elements. The build team is working on completing the hatch mechanism, also finalize a design for the ramp. Business is updating the blog and making brochure.


The build team is almost done with field elements. The hatch mechanism is almost complete. Business team updated the brochure and the presentation. 

Week One 


Kick off event was a success. We're starting to get our uniforms ready. We are also starting to get our chassis ready for our robot. Sponsor letters are almost all delivered. 


This week we made a working chassis. We also started building the field elements and finished delivering the letters. We started building the prototype arms for our robot and are working on the strategy we are going to use.

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